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CENEP Observer

Monitor and document what is happening in the class. Check the attendance sheet, lessons and meals of the students for the day. Analyze the situation in the class.

CENEP Teacher

Develop and maintain constructive and ongoing rapport with children and parents. Create activities that are fun and educational for the students. Collaborate with co-teachers and other volunteers to ensure that the school fosters an environment that is inviting and nurturing for every child. Manage day-to-day classroom activities, including structured lessons, free play, bathroom breaks, lunch time and rest time for students.

GEESE Evaluator

Communicate clearly and concisely both orally and in writing. Observe, describe and offer feedback on GEESE scholars’ academic performance and behavior. Submit a short written report on forms that will be provided and add a couple of paragraphs about the discussion.

GEESE Mentor/Counselor

Understand and have patience to work with teenagers. Help individuals with the resources needed to reach personal goals.

LACE Tutor

Meet students at the school and review homework assignments with them in applicable subject areas.

Keynote Speaker

Speaker at seminars for parents, teachers, and scholars.

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Feature writer

Collect and analyze facts about newsworthy events happened in UCMPFI

Medical Mission Doctor

Evaluate patients and provide appropriate medical treatment for basic illnesses and injuries; prescribe the right medication and tell patients about the advantages, disadvantages, risks and/or alternatives regarding a proposed treatment or operation. Refer patient for further treatment if possible and necessary. We especially need pediatricians. 

Medical Mission Dentist

Diagnose and provide appropriate dental treatment to patients, including regular cleanings, root canals, surgical extractions or implants. Educate patients and parents of patients on maintaining proper oral health and prescribe medications as necessary.

Medical Mission Assistant

Assist in inventory and preparation of medicines and supplies before a mission. Verify patient information by interviewing patient; record medical history; confirm purpose of visit. Prepare patients for examination by performing preliminary physical tests; take blood pressure, weight, and temperature. Perform other mission-related tasks that arise.

Medical Mission Nurse

Administer medications, provide vaccinations and render treatment to pediatric patients. Collaborate with physicians.

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